Integrity | Excellence | Partnership


Equinox Consulting Services was founded in 2018 by JoAnne Gareau. Ms. Gareau’s experience in Federal and State contracting began in 1997 and includes environmental remediation, nuclear weapons security, marine construction, and general contracting. Her experience in project administration, quality control, and project management has allowed her to aid small businesses streamline their processes, increase productivity, and implement policies and procedures specifically tailored to their needs.


Equinox is well versed in Government contracting and offers small companies the guidance required to break into Federal and State markets. Capable contractors can be discouraged by the daunting processes involved in Government contracting. Equinox provides contractors with the guidance required to effectively navigate these markets.

Equinox Consulting Services, Inc. prides itself on a few core values…


We perform our work with integrity and confidentiality. We work for YOU.


We strive to exceed expectations and focus on your individual needs.


We work closely with our clients in order to assist with company growth and  success.